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Coming to Bangkok or Pattaya, Thailand for the first time can be a frightening experience. There is just too much information to learn before arriving. We provide a service for both "First Timers" or "Veterans" to make your Thailand trip go more smoothly. Whether you need an airport pickup, Hotel Reservation, Motorbike Rental, a few Expats Buddies to hang out with for a night, or even help finding a good Doctor or Dentist here in Thailand....We have over 55 years of Expat experience (combined) of living in the "Land of Smiles"... Specifically Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand. Let us help you plan and enjoy your Thai Holiday. We will help you Save cash and avoid "Rookie" mistakes. - Buy/SELL/RENT Motorbikes in Pattaya

Working with Us, I can guranantee you will save Lots of Money, Waste Very Little Time, and have
THE BEST TIME Possible while in Thailand
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